Eyebrow shaping in a fine art context

I grew up surrounded by art. Both of my parents are creative and collect art. My mother tought me early on not only to recognize but also utilize my sensitivity to aesthetics. My brother, who is an amazing artist, is currently in art school and I have taken numerous sculpting, painting and figure drawing classes. Eyebrow shaping is not just brute hair removal and it saddens me when I sense fear from my first time clients because of their previous eyebrow traumas. Not every aesthetician or waxing specialist has the eye for proper brow shaping. You can't wack a person's eyebrow off and call yourself an eyebrow stylist. The ability to shape eyebrows and keeping their integrity intact is a gift. That's why I proudly refer to this delicate art as "eyebrow sculpting".

Eyebrows before and after

Yes, it is possible to shape eyebrows so that they appear thicker. Look at Stephanies eyebrows before and after.  

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

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